*Do-It-Best Drill Bits*
Product Review

By: Jaden
26 December 2010

I bought a set of Do-It-Best drill bits. They were advertised as being good for drilling tough materials. Well, apparently soft steel is too tough for them as they dull quickly, even using lubricant and slow speed. Also, out of the entire set the greater majority of them were warped. I tried 3 different drills and I could see the bits wobble as they spun. My old drill bits are straight in the same drills so it's not a drill chuck issue. Several of the smaller bits snapped while I was trying to drill pilot holes. A wobbling bit....it's no wonder.

Being warped bits, trying to drill a true hole is next to impossible because the wobbling causes the hole to egg.

I wasn't impressed and won't buy another set of these bits

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