Factory Direct Cellular

I placed an order with this company on December 13, 2004 for several items, including cell phone cases, a charger and other small items. According to their shipping instructions, orders arrive within 14 business days, or two calendar weeks. Well itís been more than three calendar weeks and Iíve yet to receive my order. My credit card transaction cleared on December 15, so I know theyíve been paid.

I emailed their customer service department on December 27 to inquire on the status of my order, and as of today, January 4, 2005, I have yet to hear from them.

I am extremely disappointed with this companyís service. Their prices may be low, but that is a moot point, because you donít receive the merchandise you order.

Would WE Buy It Again?:
I will never order from this company again, and will discourage others to the same.


Obviously many others are having these problems too according to online ratings...http://www.resellerratings.com/seller3357.html

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