*Automatic Fire Suppression Device*
By: Bunkerbob
08 November 2010

Here is a small but useful device that I use for my off-grid electrical power system, which can also be used by those of you who have a grid-tied system with batteries. It was intended for fire suppression over a cooking stove and attached to the vent hood with magnets.

These would be useful in the event of a fire caused by a short, or in the case of a catastrophic failure of a battery in your battery bank when you are not present. I have attached several of these with the provided magnets and with wood screws where applicable above the equipment.

Remember these are not in lieu of ABC rated fire extinguishers, of which I have multiple (one near and the rest across the room). Just include these as an added precaution. They are available through the internet from a couple of sites.

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