Outdoor Specialties Survival Fishing Kit

Some of our Product Reviews are done by other group members, but I wanted to do this review personally!!! As many of you know, right now I am SWAMPED with work, but I wanted to take an hour and put this review down right, 'cause I believe in this company.

I know what you're thinking... ANOTHER fishing kit. Nope, not this time, as you will see... this is THE fishing kit!!!

J.J.W., (owner of Outdoor Specialties) has been writing me for a while now. During one of our early conversations he said "Hey bud, let me send you one of my fishing kits... "just in case"". I thought, "yeah yeah, it'll sit in the scrap box with the other 50 kits that didn't make it to this review area, if you even send it" but... shore nuff, in the mail it came, and if you have EVER seen a better thought-out kit, *I* want to know about it.

See, I've since found out that J.J.W. is an avid fly fisherman, and outdoor stuff is his business. He takes his business VERY seriously, and it shows, trust me. This tiny kit will fit in your pocket, but contains EVERYTHING you would need to fly fish except a pole, and I do mean EVERYTHING! J.J.W. INSISTS that he only makes these kits for his friends, but if he'll make 'em for the general survival community, it's our opinion you should get one!

What's in it? Lord, let me try to list a little of it... you figure out how he got it all in its impact-resistant clear plastic case, because the picture above is scaled down from a full sized flatbed scanner plate and I still couldn't get everything in the picture...

4 bobbins of assorted types of line and cordage
A tube of QUALITY flies and other types of bait
Rod guides and tips
Razor blades
Hooks, etc, etc, etc...
and a LOT of other stuff I can't even identify (Thank heavens for instructions!!!!!). The whole kit says "QUALITY" in big capital letters! As I said, these are the kits J.J.W. makes for his friends. He cares about us, and it's evident. I've learned that Outdoor Specialties is one company that is wrapped up tight with NO compromises... J.J.W. get's out and USES his equipment, just like we do! So give him a call if you need SERIOUS QUALITY outdoor equipment. Ask for a catalog... You'll quickly see that this isn't a "WalMart special" operation...

The Down Side:
None!!! This is the best kit we have ever seen put together in this tiny amount of space (and we've seen a lot of them)

Would WE Buy It?:
YES!!!!. One word comes to mine over and over... QUALITY.

Technical Specs:
2-3/4 inches wide by 3-3/4 inches long and 1 inch thick, impact-resistant clear plastic case. Loaded with fishing equipment!
Sales Number is 1-800-508-1040
Service is 330-670-9009
Fax 330-668-9782
Or write to:

Outdoor Specialties
P.O. Box 5103
Akron, Ohio 44334

Or Visit their new web site at Http://www.outdrspec.com

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