Garmin Etrex Vista
(Review By SolidSnake)

The Etrex Vista is the top of the line in the Etrex Series that Garmin offers. These systems are tailored for outdoor enthusiasts and are constructed in a more RUGGED fashion so they can be used by hikers, climbers, canoists, etc. The Etrex vista offers a basemap of North/South America which includes major roads and interstates, it has a barometric altimeter, a Compass, backlit display, and many other functional features. It can be used ONE handed and has very few buttons which allow it to be learned RATHER quickly. Also Garmin has developed a full line of accessories, including automotive mounts, charges, battery packs, etc. which help to increase the functionality even more. Probably one of the handiest features is the ability for this unit to download data from different Garmin Mapsource CDís which will allow you to find addresses, resteraunts, etc. all at the click of a button. This feature makes the Vista ideal for driving and traveling as well. I would definitely give the Etrex Vista my seal of approval and a HUGE 2 thumbs up.

The Down Side:
The basemap on the Etrex Vista is VERY limited and only names a few MAJOR roads and no points of interest. The CDís which offer the more detailed roads and points of interest are very expensive as well. However, the Etrex Vista is very functional EVEN without these detailed maps

Would WE Buy It?:
I would highly recommend the Garmin line to ANYONE who is wanting a quality GPS system. They offer a variety of options at different prices which are SURE to fit any budget!

Technical Specs:
Check out (The specs are to big to list here)

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