Hi-Tec Hiking Boots
Reviewed by Marsha3

If you want a picture of clean Hi-Tecs, you'll have to visit their website, ours get USED!

For any hiking or backpacking outing, you have to consider good foot/ankle support and comfort. Hi-Tec Hiking Boots passed this test on our last backpacking trip.

I needed a new pair of boots, but didnít have a whole lot of money. So we found the Hi-Tecs and werenít disappointed at crunch time.

Iím always leery of ordering shoes online, because my foot is so funny to fit, it seems. I tried on my best friendís 7 1/2s, with a good pair of Thorlos (I think itís been mentioned somewhere on the site before that Thorlos rule!). They were just a tad too loose, so I went ahead and ordered the size 7 womenís Footloose model.

I wore them to work for a few days all day to help break them in. From the start, they were very comfortable, no blisters rubbed, no pinching. Good support without feeling like I was walking around in concrete blocks all day.

During the most recent backpacking trip, we crossed many stream beds and my socks didnít get wet once on the inside, which is a big bonus in my book. They provided good traction on large rocks and for going up hills...donít know about going down, Ďcause we didnít seem to go down hill ANY during our trip. :)

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Technical Specs:
Average weight is about 2lbs 7oz

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