ICOM IC-T7H 2Meter/440mhz Radio
(Review By SolidSnake)

I received this radio about 2 weeks ago after contemplating for a few weeks on which kind of radio to buy. I am new the Ham Radio world so I needed some help choosing one. After much discussion with a friend, I was convinced the ICOM IC-T7H was the way to go. Itís a rugged, stylish radio that is easy to learn (took me about 4 hours) and works great under some harsh conditions. Its also very cheap compared to most dual band radios. I paid around 175.00 for mine on EBay. I would recommend this to ANYONE looking for a dual band radio. 2 THUMBS UP

The Down Side:
The only down side I really have is that the accessories for this radio are UNGODLY expensive. 30 dollars for a car mount? 35 dollars for a cigarette lighter chargers?

Would WE Buy It?:
Well YES OF COURSE!! I already have bought it HAHA. But if I had to replace this radio I would most likely buy ANOTHER ONE. I have been very pleased with the quality and ease of use.

Technical Specs:

To find out more information about this radio and the great line of other ICOM Radios go to the ICOM Website

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