*ThunderGun Impact Eval *
By: Highpockets
19 March, 2012

This is an evaluation of the Ingersoll-Rand ½" drive ThunderGun. As a mechanic I have the joy of taking things apart… sometimes things that don't want to come apart. The aircraft engine stands I work on have the heavy duty rubber isolators ...

that dampen out the high frequency vibrations during travel to protect the carbon seals inside the engines. I have to change these out every ten years so they can get a good coat of rust in that amount of time. Enter the ThunderGun. I was using a 1/2" drive ratchet and socket, but by the time you break loose 48 bolts and nuts and then put it back together it takes a LOT of time. My company actually purchased a ¾" Ingersoll-Rand impact but it weighs nearly 16 lbs. making it REALLY tough to single hand. I found the ½" Titanuim ThunderGun on a mini-bike forum for $100. They list out around $250! At 6 lbs. I can manage it with one hand while aligning the mount holes with a lady's foot. This is one sweet impact gun. I can't speak for its long term durability but it sure does make quick work of taking things apart.


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