*The KleenKanteen vs. Guyot*
The Comparison Shoot-Out
By: KW
06 March 2013

Shortly after joining the Rubicon I came to the realization that I may not be as prepared as I thought I was. Understanding that long term preparation was a far better than just surviving 3 days and hoping to catch a squirrel or two.

Looking back into my bug-out-bag (BOB), I was drawn to my water bottle, which happened to be an original Guyot stainless steel wide-mouth bottle. I had also, some time ago, purchased a KleenKanteen wide-mouth bottle as a backup.

From left to right:

Guyot, 38 oz, wide mouth bottle

KleenKanteen, 40 oz, wide mouth bottle

The idea behind having these bottles was not only to contain water and not depart off flavors, but also to be able to process water by boiling it. The ability to heat these bottles and the stainless steel build allows us the ability to cook, process water and even use it as a defensive weapon, think club...

When I got these, I fully intended to perform a comparison (and now is a better time than any). And - away we go:

Concept: Using both bottles, boil water of the same temperature and volume. Monitor, compare and log boil times.

Data to be collected:

  1. Volume (for this test both bottles will contain 5 cups)
  2. Starting temp (for this test the water will begin at 70 deg f)
  3. Time to boil
  4. Time to Rapid boil
  5. General data
  6. Cons to each product
  7. Conclusion

Boil Data

Guyot bottle boil data

KleenKanteen bottle boil data

General data


KleenKanteen Cons

Although these 2 bottles performed adequately while boiling and containing water, each does have a few flaws. These flaws should be considered before you purchase one. I will address these issues in the following text boxes.

KleenKanteen Guyout


After examining both bottles and the data, I am lead to the final conclusion. I would again choose the Guyot bottle over the KleenKanteen. Due to its solid construction and my uncanny ability to break things, I appreciate the heavy duty nature of the Guyot.

The boil times were really inconsequential to me; however, if you were using them in an environment where you would be using a small camp stove or fire, it could become a game changer.

The issue that really swayed me was that the KleenKanteen had a rolled lip. This was a little off-putting, as the roll is not sealed and could be an area that all kinds of nasties could grow and create a huge issue.

So, the Guyot will stay in the bug out bag. I will use the KleenKanteen as a at home in the yard water delivery device.


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