*Lyman Ultrasonic Cleaner Review*
(Lyman 2500)
By: Bignasty
14 January 2013

I recently purchase the Lyman to clean brass that I was planning to reload. I bought it from Midway USA on sale for around $80 on closeout. It's become much more useful than I first thought. The Manufacturing specifications:

So far, I cleaned my Yugo. M57, 84 30-06 cases and my bolt carrier, and the bolt and firing pin from my AR. I'm very pleased with the results. The Yugo. went into the turbo sonic metal cleaning solution dirty and covered in grease and came out spotless after three 8 minute cycles with the heat on. The cases went in using the case cleaning solution with corroded primer pockets and very tarnished brass and came out much cleaner. After three 8 minute cycles, the pockets could still use a little cleaning.

Overall I would defiantly suggest an ultrasonic cleaner either for cleaning brass or small gun parts.


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