Military Folding Shovels

Genuine Military folding shovels, We have had the same ones for many years. The wooden handle or the Tri-fold, work and last, equally as well (although I prefer the tri-fold because it is more compact. We've chopped, sawed, pried, (and even dug) with them and they stand tough!

Beware of the cheap imported imitations! They don't last one day in the field with minimal use.

The Down Side:
They are heavy, but this contributes to them lasting so well.

Would WE Buy It?:

Technical Specs:
Wooden Handle model locks in 2 positions, straight for general digging, 90 degrees for use as a hoe. Measures: 15" closed, 22 1/2" open. Weight: 2 lbs.

No specs available for tri-fold model

These have MANY more uses that just digging. See the Ranger Rick's booklets (see review in products section) for more ideas on uses.

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