Mini Pet Strobe
(Review By AFarmer)

Manufactured by: CMI PO Box 170 Deerfield, IL 60015
Made in China
Phone: 847-215-8400

I've used the mini pet strobe on my rottweiler every night for over a week and the strobe is bright enough to see even when she is not facing me. Further, I knew when she was coming to my call, rather than straining to hear or see her as I frequently did before finding the mini pet strobe.

The strobes are composed of three colors, red, white and blue - very visible at night.

Other uses: Yes. Children and/or bikes immediately come to mind. Visibility: product claims 1/2 mile. I know I let Babydoll wander 600' away and knew exactly where she was - even through tall weeds. No worries about visibility.

The Down Side:
The white strobe went out after about 10 hours of use - but the blue and red continue just as they did when I first turned in on.

I bought 2 at the time of purchase and will see if the second one has one light go out before the others to determine if the first one is faulty - or if the strobes go out one by one to let the owner know the batteries are low.

Would WE Buy It Again?:
YES! Excellent value

Technical Specs:
Batteries: Model CR1130, comes with 2. CMI offers additional batteries for 50-cents each.
Battery Lifespan: 20 hours
Size: About 2 inches overall including the transparent plastic dome and hook to attach it to the collar.
Weight: negligible. Would work on a toy breed as easily as large.
Warranty: Yes, 5 years
Cost: $6.95

Availability: I found it in a feed store. They can be ordered direct from the website.

UPDATED: 09 September 2006:
The Second Battery in some of the "Knock off" models are almost impossible to remove without damaging the unit... beware of imitation units.

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