The Modern Identity Changer
by: Sheldon Charrett

Ok, all together now... THIS BOOK IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!!!! If you use some of the stuff in this book it's on your head, you can probably go to jail for trying some of this stuff. If it's entertainment in the area of Identity changing you seek, this book is for you!

Many "Identity changing books" use outdated methods that no longer work in today's computer driven society. They also don't seem to tell you the rest of the identity story... this book uses up to date information and exposes MANY secrets, pit falls, and faulty information that other books don't touch.

So you know how to get an Alternate ID? Great, do you know the other stuff that sends up red flags to companies when you present this ID? Mr. Charrett does! AND he tells you what those flags are and how to avoid them. He walks you through it, he adds the "trivia" to "flesh out" your alternate ID that many people forget.

Sheldon's obviously "been there, done that"... of course, who knows who he was when he did? This is an EXCELLENT ID resource! One that could be very valuable in light of all the Gov intrusions into our Constitutionally protected privacy rights.

Technical Specs:
Paper Back, 144 pp

Packed with info, addresses, resources, etc

Chapters include:
What is identity?
Your Identity, why Change It?
Identity Documents
Establishing Residence
Education and Employment
Making a work ID
Establishing Credit
PI tips and tricks
...and others!

You can order this book directly from Paladin Press at their website. To visit the Paladin Press web site, or read more about The Modern Identity Changer just click on the addy below!

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