*Nada-Chair Product Review*
By: Sasquatch
02 October 2008


I was at the Strictly Business Conference back in 2003, on my way out I passed the booth for the NadaChair. I stopped for a demo. The rep had me sit on a bench, then threw this belt contraption around the small of my back, and hooked the two loops over my knees, fastened a buckle between the straps, then cinched up the straps. Oh MAN did that feel good! I have, like, NO glutes, so sitting is always hard on my back. This thing took the pressure off my lumbar spine. I gladly took the promotional deal, $65 for the deluxe BackUp, and the basic SlouchBuster model thrown in free. I took black. They also had one built into a cotton vest, in place of the game pocket. The straps were matching cotton, so I saw no point. Besides, I already had a vest or 3 to wear.

To get an idea of the Nada Chair functionality, take your Alpha loop, run it behind your lumbar spine, sit down and hook the loops over your knees. Use a pair of buckles to take up the slack. Feel the pressure removed from your L5-S1 joint. Enjoy greater comfort at the picnic table, in the lawnchair, and at your desk. The Nada Chair zipps together into a pouch, and the pouch serves as the actual lumbar support.

As an added bonus, the BackUp comes with a pair of CushShins, rigid plastic "knee pads", that slip into the regular knee pads, distributing the pressure over more area. It also includes the Stretch Straps, a pair of straps that fasten to the existing buckle halves to hook over your feet, thus allowing the user to sit with legs extended.

You could reverse engineer this yourself, but I believe in the free market, and I think the $65 I paid was well worth it.

The Nada-Chair line has grown since my first purchase, and now includes 2 fanny-packs with the straps. About time, too. If they're of the same quality and utility as my BackUp, well worth the cash.


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