Electronic Circuits and Secrets Of an Old-Fashioned Spy
By Sheldon Charrett

WOW. Let me say right up front that this book is "No-holds-barred". It's obviously written for people who already know electronics at least at a hobby level. I'm almost afraid to put this one online, so let me say that it IS ONLY for Academic Study!!!!!! While not as detailed and comprehensive as some other books I have reviewed, what it does cover is "In your face", down and dirty, and from my experience as an Electrical Engineer, VERY workable. How to crack answering machines and make free calls are among the listed topics, Paladin makes it clear that this is for Academic Study only. Brother, if you are caught doing anything this book shows, you WILL go to jail!

Don't let the name fool you, this book is as modern and up-to-date as it can be. The "Old Fashioned" refers to the type of person who gets out and does the spying himself. I spent a few hours tracing the schematics of a few of the circuits shown, and I have to say, he's got some clever ways to get around modern problems... Can't find the device you need? No problem, he shows you several ways to build one. I consider it a book to get before any books are banned in this country, cause this one will be on the list!

The Down Side:
As I said, DO NOT use the devices shown in this book, you WILL go to jail if you are caught, These bugs are not toys in a game. This is serious business.

Would WE Buy It?:
Yes, This copy has a home in my large electronic's library already. I have come to believe that when it comes to this type of book, Paladin Press has the best on the market. I was impressed with the section on how to assemble a DTMF Decoder with LCD readout. Basic and to the point, including work-arounds.

Technical Specs:
Large Soft cover. 6 Chapers, 7 appendices, 117 pages plus source guide.Please, Let me say one last time, be VERY careful with the information in this book!


You can order this book directly from Paladin Press at their website. To visit the Paladin Press website, or read more about Electronic Circuits and Secrets Of an Old-Fashioned Spy, just click on the addy below!

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