WSI's "P-60C Hot Spark" Fire Starter

FINALLY a Fire Starter that not only works, but does more than start fires! I dislike the Military surplus magnesium fire starters for several reasons... they're hard to hold, the flint isn't very "hot" or robust, and for less size and weight I can carry a bic lighter. The P60 series of Hot Sparks is a dream come true if you're looking for a GOOD Spark-fire starter

We received the "P-60C" from World Survival Institute for review. Like their other Hot Sparks in the P-60 series, it comes with a large 3/8th inch diameter flint and magnesium rod bedded in a hardwood holder. The P-60C has an extra function though... On the opposite side of the holder is a 4.5 inch ceramic rod for sharpening your knife in the field!

The P-60C comes in a ballistic Nylon carrying case that will fit on your belt. The Wood handle of the P-60 series makes it MUCH easier to work with than a military fire-starter and it's MUCH hotter. WSI ships the unit with the flint and magnesium coated in a clear sealant which means there's no oxidation on the magnesium when you get it. All this is a huge plus when your fingers are freezing and you're trying to start a fire.

If you need a quality fire starter that works every time, in any condition, this is the one to have!

You can get more information about, or order, the WSI P60-C Hotspark or their many other fine products online at

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