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One of the first questions I am asked, or I ask myself when discussing foraging for plants, is how do you know what's safe?  The answer to these and other questions on edible wild plants is contained in Lee Allen peterson's Edible Wild Plants.  This is the first book you generally hear mentioned when edible plants are discussed.

This book is very well written.  it contains over 400 drawings and 78 color photos, to help in the identification of the mentioned plants.  Each entry contains information on habitat, when they flower, a description and the uses.  Also conatins any applicable warnings.  The line drawings are very accurate and are more than enough, when coupled with the descriptions, to be able to identify just about any plant.  But if you have any doubts, check the color photos.  Also, at the back of the book, it contains the various types of plants divided up into habitat, and then each habitat divided into what plants can be harvested there during various seasons.  This book is a great resource for any survivalist's bookshelf.

The second book i am going to look at from Peterson's line of field guides is Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants.  As most survivalists know, you are generally not going to be able to store everything you might need for various medical problems.  yet there is a whole pharmacy growing by the side of the road you drive along every day.  This book helps you find what you need, and tells how it's used.  I would suggest coupling this book with another such as A Modern Herbal, by Mrs. M. Grieve, FRHS or a similar book.  And as always, be very careful when using herbal remedies, as even in medicinal plants, there are often side effects, or parts of the plants that are detrimental to your health.

Would WE Buy It?:
Yes!! we consider these books a MUST HAVE tool for any survival food plan or survival first aid kit.

Technical Specs:
Edible Wild Plants  Softcover, 330 pages  (also available in hardcover)

Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants  Softcover, 366 pages  (also available in hardcover)

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase, this book from Amazon by clicking HERE for Edible Wild Plants or  HERE for Eastern Central Medicinal Plants.

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