"Raptor" tent

This tent looks great and has some good ideas built into it, but it has many drawbacks also. Some of the positive aspects are the "cargo loft" which holds keys, wallets, gun magazines, handguns, etc over the occupant and ready for quick access. The design is sleek and blends into the woods very well.

The Down Side:
In the field both fiberglass poles snapped on first use after the tent was set up. The design allows water to pool on top of the tent. It's difficult to get in and out of.

Would WE Buy It?:
No, we'd pass on this one. For this type of money we expected a much better product.

Technical Specs:
None available

A letter from a reader with a Raptor:

I remembered reading about the Slumberjack bivy/Raptor. I've used mine several times, and have experienced failure of the fiberglass poles with easy use. The included fiberglass poles are truly worth _ _ _ _ There's a company that manufactures Easton aluminum replacement pole set-ups for the Slumberjacks .... here's their name and their E-mail address. They're affordable, and service is A-OK .....
TA Enterprises / Thomas Hegerle
8212 NE 99th Circle
Vancouver WA 98662

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