*Revel Technology's Repulsar I*
Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) - One More Step In Home Security
By: Turchin
23 April 2010

I came across this a little while ago. It was advertised as the only security device that actively persuades intruders to leave. It is based in southeastern Pennsylvania in the town of Birdsboro, and their sole product line is chemical anti-burglary devices. You can find them at www.stopthecrime.com. The box arrived in the mail rather unassuming and with the OC sticker marked on the top. The Repulsar I was well packaged and upon first impression very simple in design and operation, well built, and easy to assimilate into most security systems or use independently.

The Repulsar I had a few things in the box that came with the unit; The unit itself, a ballast weight, instructions, two warning labels, a can of OC, and screws for mounting.

The housing of the unit is made of cast aluminum with what looks like an off white epoxy spray finish. It looks durable and was not easy to scratch. There are only two moving parts to this unit. the impactor and the solenoid which pulls the release wire.

The unit is meant to be ceiling mounted due to its use of gravity. When the circuit is connected and the solenoid pulls the release wire, the can of OC drops and the impactor contacts the actuator tab on can. The weight that came with the unit is meant to be placed on the top of the can to give it a little more force.

There is a warning buzzer in the unit to let you know when it is active and ready to get angry. It has an adjustable time of 0 to 35-40 seconds.

By its design once it is activated the entire can of 6oz OC will aerosolize. It operates on 12vdc supplied externally from an alarm system or other control circuit of your making. They suggest running it from your bell alarm terminals or creating your own circuit from a schematic they included. The power source must be filtered with a current capability of 1 amp. Cast Aluminum Case, Ceiling Mount, Exterior Dimensions: 6" diameter, Extends 1 " into room, Extends 7 " into ceiling, Capacity: 1 - 6 oz. can, Coverage: Up to 2,400 sq. ft. Actuation: 12 volt DC, Electronics: Full - function, no-fire testing capability, Adjustable time delay 0 - 40 sec. with warning horn.Wiring terminal block

I was impressed with the overall design of the unit. One thing that I think they could have done better was the gravity activation. I would seem that if you didn't take care and rotate the can the proper way it would hit on the rim and not the tab to expel the oc. Other than that it seems sound. Some thoughts on home alarm integration. I wouldn't want it to go off during a false alarm in the middle of the night, so it will be hooked up to the alarm system battery but be activated through N.O. switches that would be attached to desirable things that a crook would want. It would also have to be hooked up to a master switch and LED indicators that I could know at a glance the status of the circuit and have the ability to cut it off.

I was also thinking of having a relay for a emergency/panic alarm that would create a positive pressure in the bedroom if someone would hit it due to home intrusion or other unforeseen event.


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