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We purchased several copies of this software through a "Rubicon Group Buy", hoping it would be as good as a fellow group member said it was... I'm here to tell you, it's better! I haven't seen any program thus far that allows you to keep up with everything a survivalist uses and needs as well as the Revelar Storage Software.

We've tried many different types of software, but they all seemed cumbersome, not user friendly, and very inadequate to the tasks we demand from them... The Revelar software almost seems custom designed to fit THE survivalist's needs! It's everything we've wanted, and much more.

This program not only catalogues ALL of your inventory, but also keeps a record of estimated and actual cost of all items, where they are purchased, expiration dates for rotation, shopping lists for needed items, and summaries of total inventory. It also calculates how much of each item is needed for your specific situation. By entering the members of your family, and their birthdates, you can see how much of each item is needed for a specific length of time! It also prioritizes items in Survival (Red), Standard (Yellow), and Luxury (Green) categories to aid in getting necessary supplies first.

Initially I thought it would only catalogue food items... boy was I wrong! It also has categories for automotive, first-aid, household items, clothing, and many more! Being survivalists, we know there is more to it than that... so you can also add items to the list! We added "aisles" and "items" for MRE's, ammunition, Firearms parts, BDU's, NBC supplies, animal supplies/food, education, recreation, and more! It also has a section for adding recipes, and all of this information can be printed out in an easy to read format to be kept as hard copies with other survival literature.

This software is VERY user friendly and doesn't take long to learn. The hard part is doing the actual initial inventory! Once you've done that, it takes only a few minutes to enter the information into the program! From there, adding items as you purchase them is a snap. Many dedicated Survivalists use spread sheets to try to keep up with what they have or need... The Revelar software is a quantum leap above the best "spread sheets". As a side note, completing the inventory allows you to inspect long neglected food and equipment. We spent a day doing inventory and found out that we were over-prepared in some areas, and under-prepared in others.

This software has turned out to be a MUST HAVE for any serious survivalist! We know that Survivalism isn't a hobby or a pastime... it's a lifestyle! And this software sure makes it easier to keep track of what you have and what you need!

Technical Specs:
CD ROM and User's Guide


This software is VERY versatile and user friendly... a must have!
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