*The Rocket Stove*
By: Haystack
24 March 2014

We have been looking for a stove that can be used for cooking in other than normal conditions. Previously, we had bought the volcano stove. This was a good stove, but you have to remove the food you are cooking to add more wood. The rocket stove was advertised to be able to cook using very little wood. We paid about $125 for it. The price seemed a little high at the time, but after using it, it is well worth it.

The stove came well packaged.

It comes with the stove, an internal rack for charcoal, a wood rack, and a wind screen.

You do not need an ax or even a saw. One of the main benefits to this stove is that you can use small sticks or twigs.

As you can see, even with the small sticks a roaring flame is made.

The rocket stove is sturdy enough for a large dutch oven. This is browning meat for chili.

Here is the chili simmering.

The picture on the left is the beginning woodpile. The picture on the right is the wood that is left after making chili. It barely used any wood at all.

Can't have chili without Fritos!

The final test is to be able to cook pinto beans. I was able to cook pinto beans in about 2 hours. It was easy. I just set a chair next to the stove and every so often add a few sticks. You just push in the sticks as they burn. I never had to remove to pot. I never had to use the wind screen and it was windy when I was cooking with it.

Pinto beans cooked without electricity or gas.

The stove is stored in an old bucket. This makes it very portable. The setup weighs about 27 lbs, so it is perfect for bugging out in a vehicle.

This stove performs very well and is easy to use. This stove burns efficiently, so there is not much smoke. There are also very few embers that blow out of it. This stove is going to be added to our Ticket.

"Be prepared"


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