Siemens/Shell SP-75 Solar panels

(Three Siemens SP-75 Solar Panels in a ground rack)

The Name speaks for itself.

The SP-75 panels we've bought now power about half our home. They're tough, they're efficient and they are reliable. They also come with a 25 year warranty in case one doesn't live up to it's name.

At the turn of 2003, Siemens was changed over to "Shell"... The product is the same though... top notch!

We've used many different types of solar panels over the last few years, but we like the SP-75s the best. As with any panels, "Price per watt" is much better on the higher wattage panels (75 watts and above), but unlike many "newer companies" Siemens has been putting out top quality panels for many years.. it's what the professionals use.

Before we became solar enthusiasts, What I hated about the thought of having Solar power was constantly having to mess with the components... After a few years of being semi-off the commercial grid, the one thing we've NEVER had to mess with was our Siemens panels.. they just sit there and work, day after day, month after month, year after year.. That "reliability and quality" statement is the highest praise I can give a product.

The Down Side:
Absolutely none

Would WE Buy It?:
We've bought many of em, and plan on still more.

(One rack of our Siemens on the roof of our Workshop, we have three racks of panels now)

Technical Specs:
The SP-75 is a 75 Watt panel (Slightly more when brand new)
Maximum Power Rating: 75 Watts
Minimum Power Rating: 70 Watts
Rated Current: 4.40 Amps
Rated Voltage: 17.0 Volts
Short Circuit Current: 4.80 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage: 21.7 Volts
Number of series cells: 36
Dimensions: 47.3 x 20.8 x 1.3 inches
Weight: 7.6 lbs

Prices vary WIDELY.. from about 300 bux per panel to 450 bux per panel.

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