Street Smarts, Firearms, Personal Security
by:Jim Grover

Some names stand out among the others in different areas of expertise... In the personal security and shooting worlds, "Jim Grover" is one such name! One can always find Mr. Grover's name in such popular places as his column in Guns and Ammo or Handguns magazines. Mr. Grover specializes in teaching you how to stay alive and avoid crime in the "real world". He's so successful because his techniques WORK.

In today's computer driven world, anyone can write a book, and even make it look good. Anyone can rehash older techniques and try to convince the reader that a small twist in an old idea can make it the "ultimate" fighting style. Lord save us from these people, cause we surely won't be able to save ourselves on the mean streets after reading that tripe. That's why it's important to note that Jim Grover's styles are PROVEN to work! To those of us "in the know" it's easy to tell that Jim knows his business and every detail associated with it!

Hard hitting, no nonsense, straight facts make this book an excellent and dependable read. He deals with not only Home and street security and topics, but also for travel abroad. I was impresed that Jim covers child protection in detail, that's an important "peace of mind" for those of us who are Parents struggling to keep our kids safe in a world that sometimes seems insane! You can look, but you won't find a better book on the subject of Personal Security!

Technical Specs:
Paper back
11.5 x 8.5 inches
273 pp
11 BIG chapters with MANY Sub-Chapters
Chapters Include:
Introduction (don't be a victim, Enough is enough, Test your security Savvy, etc)
Physical Security (is your home a castle, is your home secure? etc etc 6 Sub-Chapters)
Street Smarts (It can happen to anyone, Spotting trouble BEFORE it happens, Etc etc 10 Sub-Chapters)
Travel (8 sub-Chapters)
Modern Crime (6 Sub-Chapters)
Kids (6 Sub-Chapters)
Alternative Weapons (5 Sub-Chapters)
Combatives (4 Sub-Chapters)
Shooting Fundamentals (14 Sub-Chapters)
Shooting Situations (9 Sub-Chapters)

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