*The Streamlight MicroStream*
What Everyone Needs In Their Pocket
By: Helimech
19 July 2008

Last week I went into the local mom and pop hardware store in town for some fire ant killer, right as I entered I was greeted with a Streamlight display. Well, I am kind of a flashlight geek so I had a look. Yep seen it, seen it, own it, junk... wait a minute, this is new.

Ah, the Streamlight MicroStream; it is small, lightweight and after pushing the "push to test" area and blinding myself I knew it was bright. Price was only $16.00 so I bought it. Boy I am glad I did. This is a wonderful little light. Here are some specs from Streamlight's website:

Light shown with my SAK and an Ultra-fine Sharpie for size comparison

This little light uses one AAA battery and last longer than 1.5 hours in my experience. In the last week I have used it untold times, inspecting aircraft at work, looking behind my computer, finding something dropped on the ground and last night I used it to guide the way of a friend going in the trees to answer the call of nature. Of course, I stayed where I was. (Hey, I don't need to see that.) But, the little light illuminated at least 35 yards ahead of my position. That alone makes this light worth every penny. Never mind the fact I have used it for what would have to be more than 1.5 hours of use (though not continuous) and I am on the original battery.

I got a chance to use this little light in a dusty environment and it actually pierced the crud fairly good, was it as bright or piercing as my Streamlight NF-2 or TL-3, of course not. But the fact remains it cut through the crud and lit the way.

Wait, I can some of you now; "but Heli, I am not kicking in houses full of Al Qaeda for Uncle Sam, I don't need a light that bright, my old LED keychain light works fine." Hmmmm... Really, the survivors that had to run down the stairs in the World Trade Center could have used this light; I remember hearing story after story about trying to get down crowded, smoke filled stairs in the dark. Sorry, but that is not my idea of a good time.

Do yourself a favor today. Buy this light, keep it on your person at all times and rest assured that while not the "perfect" light (is there such a thing), you are better prepared than 90% of the population. When the smoke alarm at work goes off, you'll be glad that extra one ounce is in you pocket

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