Buckshot's Survivor Series (Volume 1)

We here at Alpha always preach "get out and do it"! But we also understand that a survival situation may happen while you're in places other than your normal "stomping grounds". It's kind of hard to fly up North just to practice survival when you live in Florida, but survival in cold weather is something we as survivalists MUST be trained for. I deal in many extremes, and I know that no one survival series can cover the conditions found all over the whole USA, so with that in mind I'd choose survival instruction in the harshest climate that *I* am realistically likely to encounter, everything else is gravy if you can live in the "worst"... Buckshot's Survival Series #1 is one video that teaches you how to survive almost anywhere!

Bruce (we all know him as "Buckshot") has been on the survival scene for many years, his trapping videos put him on the map a long time ago as a "professional outdoorsman". You can find him all over the World Wide Web helping people with trapping and survival questions, so we've all been wondering when he was going to do a true survival video in the often harsh conditions of MI. To be a trapper, you have to get wet, you have to be out alone in cold, wet, snowy weather... In other words, survival skills MUST be second nature to a trapper. Buckshot proves he knows his stuff in this series!

Many of us carry around a lot of "myths" and "wishful thinking fantasies" in our heads about survival. There is a LOT more to staying alive than finding a lake, tossing out some hooks and waiting for the food to roll in. Buckshot does you the favor of dispelling those myths and fantasies with pictures of a survival camp being made from scratch, with a minimum of materials. He shows you how to bring in a LOT of food, how to make and set traps, how to identify common eatable plants and how to prepare them, how to make cordage, how to find direction without a compass, how to stay warm, how to build fire and shelter and what items you REALISTICALLY need to have with you... once you see his infamous (and hilarious) "Fight with the emergency space blanket", you'll suddenly see how vulnerable you were depending on one of these in your survival kit. You'll see how much fish you can really expect to catch when you see the "monsters" Bruce hauls in... I am considered by many to be a "Professional Survival Instructor", yet after watching this, I added 6 new snares and another Conibear trap to my bug-out-gear, to heck with depending on fish!

This video is funny as well as highly instructional, and you get to watch Bruce survive in a variety of conditions from warm weather to snow on the ground. If you're a beginner survivalist, an experienced survivalist, or you just don't have time to get out and practice as much as you'd like to, you'll LEARN from this video! It's a perfect gift for that "budding survivalist" you know and care about. The information on this series can literally make the difference between life and death.

The Down Side:
This video is homemade and home edited, but at the same time you KNOW that Bruce hasn't "faked" any of the stuff he shows on this video. No fancy graphics, no "pre-prepared" poles, props or food, just hard core survival information!

Would WE Buy It?:
Yes! It's a great survival instructional video with information that works in every climate and area of the country.

Technical Specs:
120 Minutes

You can get more information about, or order, the Buckshot Survival Series and his many excellent trapping videos online at http://www.snare-trap-survive.com/.

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