Buckshot's Survivor Series (Volume 2)

WOW! If you thought Buckshot's Survivor Series #1 was good, wait till you watch this one!! You'll get a chance to see how much you DON'T know!

As we all know, Bruce (we all know him as "Buckshot") has been on the survival scene for many years, his trapping videos and help in chatrooms put him on the map a long time ago as a "professional outdoorsman". Buckshot proves once again that he knows his stuff in the second of this video series!

The video starts with the complete process of making maple syrup, and then moves into the areas of trapping with little and nothing. Bruce shows you how to "hook" fish with a snare as he walks along in a creek... in just a few minutes he has a bucket FULL of big fish... and if that doesn't make you feel bad enough, he then decides to snag fish by hand just to rub it in ;)

Frogs, turtles, fish, etc all end up "ready to eat" in just a few minutes. No props, no fancy editing, no "wiggling a store bought fish"... as usual it's 100% genuine, hands-on, "how-to".

Of course, after you catch it, you have to skin it, scale it, peel it, etc.. Yup, all that is covered also.

Just like his many other instructional videos, This one is funny as well as highly educational (LOVE that "Cartman" T-shirt, Bruce!). If you want your family to eat well after TSHTF, get this series and study it!!!! It's as real as it gets, and it works! As I have said before, the information on this series can literally make the difference between life and death.

The Down Side:
This video is homemade and home edited, but at the same time you KNOW that Bruce hasn't "faked" any of the stuff he shows on this video. No fancy graphics, no "pre-prepared" poles, props or food, just hard core survival information!

Would WE Buy It?:
Yes! It's a great survival instructional video with information that works in every climate and area of the country.

Technical Specs:

You can get more information about, or order, the Buckshot Survival Series and his many excellent trapping videos online at www.buckshotscamp.com.

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