Tactical BATON

Tactical Baton is a two-video set with Datu Kelly S. Worden. Whether it's an asp baton, large stick or baseball bat, it's covered here. Datu Worden has obviously spent many years training in his craft. He has the stance and skill that all true martial artists carry.

This video will walk you through the 6 basic and 12 expanded attack styles with any striking weapons, as well as how to block. There is a lot of emphasis placed on defense against other sticks and edged weapons. Also, you are shown how to use your body's natural weapons to augment the baton... Datu Worden is very aggressive! I like his attitude.

The Down Side:
The information in this video is obviously going to take some practice, but the information is solid and scientific. No one should EVER expect to watch a video and then consider themselves proficient in its content. PRACTICE is a MUST, but the rewards are self-confidence and maybe even your life.

Would WE Buy It?:
If you are interested in striking weapons and asp techniques, I can honestly say this is the best video on the subject we have seen. While most of the skills are basic, some of the skills shown are advanced and they definitely give you something to work toward- and we feel that that is important. This set covers a wide range of options and skill levels.

Technical Specs:
2-video set, 120 minutes each. OK quality

You can order this video directly from Paladin Press at their website. To visit the Paladin Press website, or read more about Tactical Baton just click on the addy below!

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