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Let me say right up front... This is one of the best knife fighting videos I have ever been privileged to watch. Bram Frank shows you everything from beginner drills right up to more advanced techniques that will not only help keep you alive when things go south, but will help protect you in court during the aftermath.

Mr. Frank uses several drills and methods that I believe in 100%! I actually use "flow drills" and "biomechanical disabling" in my self defense/anti-rape classes, and I was surprised and excited to see them in this video. While our fighting and teaching styles may be different, his common sense and experience CAN NOT be dismissed by anyone!!

Very few people impress me, but Mr. Frank does. His fighting style does NOT stress complicated martial arts moves even though he obviously has the stance and training of a master martial artist. That "stance and training" is evident in his humor and his humility. Mr. Frank has something sadly lacking in many of today's self defense classes, Style!

I've watched "knife fighters" train, I've trained many myself, I've seen students stab another student with their rubber knife and say "you're dead, it's over". Thankfully Mr Frank explains and dispels these MYTHS! His form encourages "Bio-mechanical disabling" which in my opinion is the ONLY way to win a knife fight. A mortally wounded man can still have plenty left in him to be able to take you with him, and a tie in a knife fight is a bad outcome! However, an attacker with cut wrist tendons can't hold a knife.

Mr. Frank also stresses another important lesson, the aftermath of Court. As he eloquently points out, everyone has been cut, so a jury won't be too sympathetic to a dirtbag with a surgery scar on his wrists or shoulders, but a jury can't relate to death, cut throats, and disembowelment.

I applaud Mr. Frank for not going where so many other fighting styles go.. "death, gore and ruin". I can't say enough about this video... but if you want a common sense, no nonsense, REAL guide to winning a knife fight, THIS is the Video series for you!!!!!! I consider it a MUST HAVE!

Technical Specs:
2 volume video set
Approx. 60 minutes each


You can order this video set directly from Paladin Press at their website. To visit the Paladin Press website, or read more about The Leading edge, just click on the addy below!

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