Timberland Boots

Style 80089

The day I bought these boots, I put them on and proceeded to walk through the creek in the back yard - after all, the paperwork says the leather processing renders it waterproof, and I wanted to see just how waterproof it was. Not only did I emerge on the opposite bank with dry socks, but after spending that afternoon hiking the steepest hill in the neighborhood (several miles from the house to the "other side of the mountain"), I hit my destination without a blister. These boots were broken-in comfortable right out of the box! I've worn them to the lab, out in the woods, to hike in, to train in - in fact, I've worn them for hundreds of hours all told. Three years later, they're scuffed up and the soles aren't as thick as they were in '95, but the eyelets are solidly in place, The stitching is still intact, there's plenty of wear left in them - and they're still comfortable. All of the Timberland boots I've worn are superior in comfort and durability to any other brand I've tried, and when they say they're waterproof, they're not just whistlin' Dixie!

The Down Side:

I really struggled to find a down side, and failed... these boots are great no matter how you look at them.

Would WE Buy It?:

I have to be honest about these boots - if I had to choose one single brand and style of boot to wear from now until TEOTWAWKI, this would be it! Would WE Buy It? Yes, we would, and we did; both of us wear Timberland 80089's.

Technical Specs:


To find out where to order this boot, visit the Timberland website.

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