Uncommon Sense

Written as the "KISS anti-terrorist alliance handbook", this self published book reads fast and easy. There's lots of sound advice on weapons, weapon choices, skills, camo, group organization, Gear, hand signals, and many other skills once thought to be only in the realm of "Militia Groups".

As terrorists make further plans to "bring America to it's knees", ordinary citizens are preparing to stop them. Sound Far fetched? I bet the Beemer family thought so at one time too, just before Mr. Beemer and a handful of passengers decided that terrorists WOULD NOT kill any unsuspecting Americans with THEIR aircraft! They fought terrorism on OUR soil and gave their lives preventing a greater loss of life on the ground.

This book is not written to make anyone a "midnight commando", it's written to give the common citizen a fighting chance when confronted with terrorism on our soil. Citizens are responsible for the protection of themselves and their communities, the police can't be everywhere at once. If you want the basic skills, this is a good book to learn from.

Technical Specs:
Self-published paperback
96 pages
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