Walmart trail tent

(around 9 bux). I have had one for years and surprisingly it is still in great shape! It's actually pretty rugged and easy to fix if something does fail. Perfect for one person (even though it says "sleeps 2"). It's VERY small, light and For the price, it can't be beat

The Down Side:
Keep in mind this is a 9 dollar trail tent... sweat builds up on the inside with the flaps closed, the 4 aluminum poles (two fit together on each end in a "pup-tent" fasion) could be easily bent (Mine never has but it could happen). Sometimes the only color they have is a dark blue, but a little black mist of spray paint fixes this.

Would WE Buy It?:
Yes, for quick set up and ease of use most of us keep one in the B.O.B.
(several of us carry them in the field).

Technical Specs:
Sleeps two (or one and some equipment)
zippered rear window and mesh front screen
tie down front storm flaps.


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