Wipe Away

I have this OLD Mak-90.. one of the first ones brought into this country after the ban. It's been abused and used for so long that I just naturally grab it when I know the weekend is gonna be bad. Some of us were talking about homemade bullets one night around the campfire and so we decided we had to test our theory and see if it would work. So we hand cast lead bullets and reloaded shells with ONLY equipment we had on hand at the time. They actually worked. the experiment actually worked so well that I ended up with a few hundred rounds of this "trash" ammo. It worked ok, but it left a THICK lead fouling in the weapons that used it. Now, back to my old Mak-90... About a year later I wondered just how much of this crap ammo the reliable AK style weapons could handle and still fire. I was willing to test it to destruction to find out, so we set up a method of firing two of these weapons that would be safe for when/if the weapons exploded, and loaded up the mags. Hundreds of rounds later both weapons locked up tight. I was amazed they still fired after 100 rounds of these soft lead bullets. We broke the weapons down and found that the gas pistons were leaded stuck to the gas tubes, we had to use a rubber hammer and heat the tubes to break em loose! Now, how do you clean that kinda crap out of a still functional firearm????

We went to a gun store and explained our prediciment to the owner and showed him the weapons, he sold us some stuff that he said might work, we followed the instructions and let the weapons soak in it, but even after several days of soaking it didn't put a dent in this mess.

Later I was talking about it to some friends, one of whom said, "Hey, I have something that WILL work" and went to his car, coming back with an old "Wipe Away" sheet in a ziplock bag. I almost laughed at it. It looks like a thin yellow cloth, but I followed the instructions, cutting a piece to a 1/2" by 1/2 inch patch, stuck it on a brush and began scrubbing the bore... I did this several times cause I didn't think it would work, but when I finished, THE LEAD WAS GONE!

Needless to say I was amazed! I cleaned all of that lead out of both weapons in no time. Why and how does it work? I have no idea, but it does! That constant bit of lead on the end of your barrel? You just wipe it away, that easy... It's just gone.

Anyway, we were so impressed that we wrote the company and asked for a sample.

The Down Side:
None that I know of, this is simple and it works! The instructions say to use care on blued surfaces, but it doesn't say it hurts it (didn't hurt any of the blueing on our weapons). Also, the company is NOT on the Internet, so you have to send snail mail or buy from a distributer.

Would WE Buy It?:
Heck yes! I keep it in all of our cleaning kits.

Technical Specs:

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