*DeFeet WoolEator Sock Evaluation *
By: Highpockets
19 March, 2012

I came across these socks when I was preparing for a five day backpacking trek on the Appalachian Trail. These are actually sold as bike socks and they work well for that, but I used them over polypro sock liners while hiking and they performed wonderfully. There is enough wool in them that they are able to pull the moisture from your feet and reduce the "cold feet" syndrome when you stop for the evening. I used one pair for hiking and I kept a clean pair in the bottom of my sleeping bag to put on at bedtime. This is where they really shine. They are light enough that they are not too noticeable during the night, yet they do a GREAT job of keeping the toes warm. During the trip they showed no wear and now, two years later, they are still in great shape. One pair has found a permanent place in my BOB and the other is in my night stand drawer for those nights when the blankets just aren't quite enough.

The only caveat would be that they are thin, so are not warm enough for real winter socks. I have used them into the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) for hiking and, as long as you are moving, they are good down to about 30 degrees when added to sock liners. Overall I am very pleased with the WoolEator socks.

See you on the trail!


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