WSI's Emergency Response "Sniping"

By now I'm sure we're used to seeing great reviews about the World Survival Institute's fantastic video resources.

I've read many good books on the subject of sniping, I've talked to many folks that were just plain GOOD, yet I still learned a lot from this video! It has tricks and techniques that I've rarely seen anywhere else, and never seen actually demonstrated. When you see an instructor demonstrate an accurate, field expedient method of judging wind speed and direction, and then back it up with a wind speed instrument, you'll be much more confident in the techniques you learn. The WSI instructors PROVE that their techniques work... it fits in with our Rubicon Motto, "Facta Non Verba" (Deeds, Not Words).

Have I seen "slicker" produced sniping videos? Yes I have... Have I seen them PROVE their skills work for the novice? Nope. Any professional should be able to do the skills they teach, but can they teach the skills they do? With the WSI sniping video the answer is a resounding "YES"! They don't "ass-u-me" that you know everything, they don't assume that you're already familiar with sniping skills on any level, yet they blend instruction for the novice, with information for the expert, seamlessly.

Another "must have" for any well stocked survival repository!

Technical Specs:
120 Minutes
You can get more information about, or order, the WSI Emergency Response Series and their many other excellent survival/Emergency Response skills videos online at

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