WSI's Emergency Response "Tracking and Ambush"

This is another review that must start out as "WOW!". The pros at World Survival Institute have put out a fantastic resource with this video!

I've seen myriad discussions about "man tracking", "evading dogs", Escape and Evasion, etc, in chatrooms on the web... most say something like, "use pepper to stop a dog"... makes ya want to say, "if a dog has such a great nose, don't you think he can smell pepper?" Well, that's EXACTLY what Chris at WSI DOES say! He shows you no-nonsense ways to deal with dogs, deal with people tracking you, and all the other aspects of both tracking and being tracked. Camo, hiding your tracks, gaining distance on pursuers, making pursuers not want to pursue ;)

The info contained in this Video is top notch, fun to watch, and teaches you some little known (yet very important) skills. It's taped on location at their school in Tok, Alaska. Another good aspect of ALL of WSI's videos is that they don't assume everyone lives in their type of climate, they are VERY careful to show skills that work in ALL environments.

Definately a "must have" for any well stocked survival library!

Technical Specs:
90 Minutes
You can get more information about, or order, the WSI Emergency Response Series and their many other excellent survival/Emergency Response skills videos online at

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