*Rubicon Dues Information*
By: PaleHorse

Many Preparedness Sites on the internet have closed down this year, others must move from place to place, use "free sites" with banners, or put up with limiting their site's content to stay online. The reasons for this are many. They include things like server operators being anti-gun, media hype, arguments with lame-o server administrators, lack of funding, lack of member support, etc, etc... This is disruptive at best.

To avoid this type of situation, Rubicon members got together and opened the Rubicon Server you're on right now. We are "self sufficient", we make our own rules, we run our websites the way WE see fit... We own it all, right down to the RAM in the computers.

Running a server costs money. Equipment costs, T-1 charges, line charges, upgrades, software, etc, etc, add up quickly, so Rubicon members decided to accept dues from each member to offset the costs of staying online.

Rubicon Dues are 5 bux a month, New members must submit a mimimum of 3 months dues ($15.00) for the first dues payment... After that you can send em 3 months at a time or pay for 6 months or yearly if that's more convienient.

MINIMUM Dues payments are 15 Dollars. Sorry, but it's not cost effective to do the accounting for just a 5 or 10 dollar payment.

Dues MUST be received within 10 days of probationary account activation... ABSOLUTELY NO exceptions. If your dues are not received, we will not re-issue you an account.

Payment can be made by any of several methods. Cash, Checks or Money Order's may be sent to:

Rubicon Outdoor Adventures
P.O. Box 725
Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Please make checks and M.O.'s out to "Rubicon Outdoor Adventures"

We also accept (and prefer) paypal, you can send dues via paypal by clicking here:
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
(Our addy is dues@alpharubicon.com)

Please remember that Paypal takes out 2.9% of the money you send, plus .30 cents per transaction... that's $1.17 per 30 dollars.

BE SURE to include your return address AND Rubicon USER NAME so I can make sure to give you credit for supporting the Rubicon!!

(Rubicon Outdoor Adventures reserves the right to revoke membership for any reason. Dues will NOT be refunded if membership is terminated for violating rules of use, conduct, or failure to meet participation requirements)


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