The Rubicon
Scientists working to translate ancient documents have made a startling new discovery!
The last time The Rubicon announced that new Membership Positions were available; in their frenzied rush to secure one of the VERY Rare Probationary Accounts,
The Ancient Mayan Indians abandoned work at their Temples and began frantically chiseling their Rubicon Membership Requests...
Sadly, because of this, the Mayan Long Count Calendar ended abruptly with predictions of Doom
(due to worry that their applications wouldn't be received before the few new available Membership Slots were filled)...
My Sincere Apologies for all the fear and confusion this event has caused recently!

Rubicon Login/Password Request Instructions

Please Check the Main Alpha Page for Membership Openings!

The Rubicon
(On the Leading Edge Of Preparedness)

Updated 09 September 2011
I know your time is valuable, but ours is too, so please read this to avoid mistakes.
Due to time constraints, incorrect requests are discarded.
People skim this, send in an incorrect request, and then have hurt feelings when their application is discarded.
Why are they discarded? Advanced Preparedness Projects can be complicated; how well do you follow written instructions?

We realize that accepting applications for new members is a very rare event; some years we have NO open positions to fill... we simply don't lose very many current members. You'll notice that hundreds of our members have been with us for the entire time The Rubicon Area has been in existence! Last year we lost 6 members, and 4 of those rejoined within a few months. With this in mind please be very careful reading these instructions, and following the Rulz during your Probationary Period; you may not see another opening for a long time.

We Prefer Applications Sent From
Getting Off Probation - Up Front
Waiting List
User-Names And Proper Passwords
Tell Us About Yourself
Send Your User-Name And Password
If You Don't Get A Response
What's Inside?
What's Expected Of Me?
Lurkers And Leeches
Nothing To Contribute?


Membership Requests sent from a Valid Home, School, or Office E-Mail Account are preferred, and get faster attention! Requests that include your Contact Phone Number get priority consideration!

****Other E-Mail Accounts****: If you need to send in a password request from any of the following "Web-Based" or Private E-Mail accounts, we simply require that in addition to your preferred User-Name and Password, your Application should also include your name, and a Phone Number where one of our Mentors can call you to verify that you did send in an Application Request to Your information is not used for any other purpose, nor is it shared with anyone; the information is promptly destroyed after a mentor contacts you to verify your application. As members of several Anti-SPAM organizations, no one hates SPAM worse than we do, and I really don't want the info sitting on my hard-drive!

Some of the E-Mail Accounts, and Message Headers, that fall under this restriction include (But are not limited to) Requests from:

HotmailYahooGmailHushmailUnknown HELO
googleCVAOLGodaddyReceived: Unknown
SecureServerpostinilocal hostAnonymousPersonal URLs

Applications sent from these accounts without a name and Phone Number Will Be Discarded. We apologize, but other users of these types of accounts have abused them heavily over many years.


New Probationary Members now have access to a "Mentor" (On our new "Probie Lounge Board"; a Board for new folks to ask questions and learn the ropes) when accepted for membership, and those Mentors will Guide you through settling into the Rubicon until you get the hang of things...


Getting Off Probation
*** Probationary Members, toward the end of your Probationary Period you will be expected to receive a phone call (Or "Skype Video Conference Call" can be substituted) from a Rubicon Senior Administrator as a condition of being removed from probationary status. If that's something that concerns you, please don't apply for membership.
Several Hundred New Members that have joined using this policy of receiving a phone call from an Admin before being removed from probation, LOVE IT. In fact, it has become a badge of honor to some. The Initial short phone call (Or Skype Conference) from a Mentor to a potential member puts everyones concerns to rest. The extended chat a few weeks later with a Senior Administrator to be removed from probation has been known to end up lasting hours as they quickly find themselves becoming friends.

Besides, Once admitted into the Rubicon area, you'll notice that most Rubies regularly have Face-To-Face ("FTF") meets with other Rubies. Most Rubies regularly attend Rubicon Camp-Outs, and/or Rubicon Work-Parties to aid Members in need, and/or other Rubicon Events.


If you were previously removed from the Rubicon area, or if you simply want to strip files for a while, or you're trying to "Sneak", Server hop, or otherwise mislead us for some reason, We don't want you as a member... You can stop reading right here.
(Past Members who left in Good Standing are more than welcome [encouraged, even] to reapply!)


Waiting List
Sorry, But we Do Not keep "A Waiting List" for Membership openings. We only have so much room, and even with multiple expansions, we stay packed-up full. We know it's frustrating, So we're constantly expanding, but that's about all we can do...


"Participation" is the Heart-Beat of the Rubicon!! Please be sure you have the time required to get through Probation before you apply! If you don't have time/motivation to participate almost daily during your probationary period, please don't waste your (or our) time sending in a password request.
We have few rules, but we enforce them to the letter, and "Participation" is our Holiest of Holies... fair warning.

Getting a Password:
You choose your User-Name (Login Name) and password.
Your "User-Name" is also the Name you will use on the Message Boards and when writing articles, etc... Choose Wisely, this is the "Name" that people will call you, even when they meet you Face To Face, so your User-Name should be something people can "Say", as well as easily type.

  • User-Names and Passwords are case sensitive and CAN NOT Contain Spaces... but numbers and dashes are fine (encouraged, even).

  • Passwords MUST NOT contain words found in the dictionary, NOR should they be people's names, pet's names, backward words or names, Ham call signs, related to your User-Name, easily guessable Passwords, etc .

  • Passwords *SHOULD* contain Letters (upper and lower case), Numbers AND Symbols (a minimum of 8 characters, with at least one Letter, Number AND Symbol)

    An example of a proper request would be:
    User-Name = Countryboy
    Password = @/R1sD@b3$7 ("A/R is Da best")

    Passwords may not be shared, given or loaned to your "friends".

    If your request is approved, we'll issue you a probationary account which will become a full membership after it is determined that you will be a contributing ACTIVE member, and upon receipt of dues (15 dollars for the first 3 months). Dues policy and information can be found at this link
    Dues Policy and info

    By sending in your password request, you are agreeing to abide by ALL Rubicon Rules Of Use.


  • Tell us about yourself. We have to base most of our decision about your Application from THIS Section!
    Please understand that if you expect us to trust you, we expect you to trust us... We've been here well over a decade and are WELL known and respected. The majority (over 80%) of our members have been with us over 3 years, most of those members have been with us over TEN years! We're doing something right.
    When listing your skills, Please don't say "I'm a Jack of all trades" or "I am good at scrounging"; Preparedness-Minded people have to be "Jacks of all trades" to some extent, but that's not a "Profession" or "skill". We have Doctors that hold advanced HAM licenses and dabble in micro-circuitry "as a hobby"... we have Professional Airline Pilots that are also computer experts, again "As a hobby"... We have self-described "House-Wives" with degrees in Mathematics and Psychology.


    Where/How To Send Your Application

  • You can e-mail us the information in the format shown above at with the subject line: "New Member Application" (That'll get you by the spam filters)


    If you do not get a response:
    The most common reason for not being accepted for membership is usually due to E-Mail being sent from one of the
    above "Anon/Free E-Mail Services" with no working Contact Information.

    The next most common reasons are:
    * Incorrect login name formats
    * Incorrect or Bad passwords
    * Not enough information about yourself to base a Membership Decision on
    ** Excessive Spam filtering of your E-Mail (This seems to be THE most common problem, add "" to your acceptable sender list).

    Due to the raw volume of Membership Applications we simply can not respond to applications that are rejected due to errors.

    No matter the reason above for you not hearing from us, it won't do you a bit of good to fire off an e-mail asking why, sorry. Incorrect requests are discarded immediately, and it doesn't do any good for us to respond if your spam filter is stopping our mail.

    If accepted, It usually takes less than 24 hours for you to get a response and for your Probationary password to be activated if you included a Phone Number with your application (Unless we're out camping or traveling, then it may take up to 72 hours to activate your prrobationary account).
    We DO NOT sell, loan, rent, keep, archive or give out any information about you... ever! You have my word on it. Simple as that.


    What's Inside The Rubicon Area?
    "Alea jacta est."
    - "The die has been cast" - Caesar is rumored to have said this as he was crossing The Fiume Rubicone (The Rubicon River). Like Caesar, once you're on the other side there is no turning back; "Forward" is the only direction available to you. Once you see how much farther you can go, You'll never again be satisfied with a Refugee Bag, a gun, and 10,000 rounds of ammo. You're taking the first steps (the hardest steps) to really protect your family through any disaster or crises, using what you have "right now" as you work toward better situating yourself in the future! (Let's stop the analogy with Julius Caesar there though ;) .. "Crossing The Rubicon" is simply "A Major Turning Point")

    The other side of The Rubicon is a group-oriented area of learning, with access to more advanced areas of the site... It's for serious, motivated, team-oriented people who are dedicated to the ideals SANE preparedness stands for. We strive to cover all topics from High-Tech Survival Skills and Equipment, to Primitive skills and Homesteading. Odds are that you DON'T live 100 miles from civilization in the perfect Homestead Retreat. Chances are good that you live in a Rural area, or a suburban neighborhood, or even in a city.. that's OK, we prepare to survive (and thrive) in those places too!
    Some of the many things you will find in The Rubicon Area are:

    Pictorial Articles
    (Many Topics not found anywhere else!)
    Advanced Preparedness info
    Streaming Video Articles
    Frequent Camp Outs
    Voice & Video Chats
    Cook Outs
    Preparedness Training Sections
    Group finder area
    Over 20 Preparedness Message Boards (They move VERY fast!)
    International Membership
    Disaster Preparedness Experts
    Anti-WMD Specialists
    Specialists in many Professions
    Weapons Board
    Live Text Chat Room
    Ham board
    Barter/Sell Board
    Special Alerts and Intel
    Multiple Sub-Topic Discussion Boards
    Wireless News Alerts
    Homesteading Skills Area
    Alternate Energy Areas
    General Survival/Preparedness Videos
    Rubicon Outdoor Adventures
    Life Long Friends
    BOV Board
    Primitive Survival
    Rubi-Q Instant Messenger
    Advanced Medical Section
    Tens of Thousands of Files and Articles
    Video Section on High-Tech How-to's
    Hobbies and Crafts Areas
    Gear Board
    Book Reviews
    Preparedness Fiction Stories
    Survival Quizzes
    Group Buys
    International Group Campouts
    The Rubicon Wiki
    And much more...


    What's expected of me?
    We expect you to be an Active, Participating Group member. We don't allow people to simply leech files... you won't have access to any ultra-advanced files while you are on probation. The Rubicon area is a Team effort. To be part of the Rubicon you are required to pay dues and post on the message boards REGULARLY (or send in ORIGINAL articles once a month IN ADVANCE in lieu of posting on the boards). Everyone has some type of knowledge to share. You are asked to submit survival articles as you grow and learn so that others can learn from you.


    Lurking, Leeching:
    Lurkers, leaches, Rambos, malcontents, Arm-chair types, Paranoids, Racists, Radicals and "Lone Wolves" are not appreciated here, we have zero tolerance for these types.

    If you don't plan to be an ACTIVE, Motivated, contributing member, don't bother sending a password request.


    Nothing To Contribute
    If you feel you have "Nothing to offer" or "Nothing to say", please don't ask for a password, the Rubicon is not for you.
    It's been our combined experience that people who are Doing Preparedness Projects to better protect their families, Always have "Something to offer", "Something to Say", ...

    If you read Message Board Posts, then the other members expect *you* to write Message Board Posts for them to learn from. If you read "How-To" articles, the other members expect you to write articles for them to learn from also.

    You may be an expert out in the real world... most Rubies are. No matter your field of expertise, you'll meet at least one more inside. You're starting from square one... Everyone earns their respect in the Rubicon; It takes time.

    You may be stressed a little while on probation. Most Probies are. Everyone is watching to see how you handle it... believe it.

    You'll find that the people inside are more like family and friends than strangers on the net, and with that in mind you should be aware of your conduct at all times within this area. The rules of conduct are strictly enforced... We're not kidding about it, and we don't make exceptions. If you've made it this far, you know EXACTLY what is expected from you, no surprises. It doesn't matter much what *I* think, or even what the Admins think, it's "What the membership thinks". If you aren't holding up your end, they'll notice.
    Trip Williams
    (a.k.a. Warlord)
    Webmaster -

    YES!!! This is what I've been waiting for! I want a Password!!!

    That sounds like a way of life I'm not ready for yet... Take me back to the main Alpha page!

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