*Rubies Rock!!!*

Facta Non Verba!
(Deeds, Not Words!)

Many people practice "Verba Non Facta", they talk about some grand project for 20 years because it makes them look good to their peers, but they never actually get around to doing anything.
Meanwhile, Countless Children (Like one of our Sponsored Children, Pictured below), Starve... While Children Starve, the "Talkers" are happily building their castles in the air to look good to their friends, but Doing Nothing... "Smoke", "Vapor", "No Substance"... Disgusting people.

(One of the Rubicon's Sponsored Children in Vietnam - You won't ever hear her chanting Anti-Western-Culture slogans)

Rubies "Do", Period

"Every Year, We Meet In A Remote Field Somewhere, And Build An Entire Community"
(-- A Rubie describing the Rubicon to a Non-Member)

Rubicon members are Family, Our Families are involved in our activities. "Rubies" Camp together, practice disaster skills, have fun, go out to eat together, Clean up after disasters together, Vacation together... we're always DOING something! What Skills will *YOU* need during aCOMS ("a Collapse Of Modern Society"), and Where are you going to get those Skills?

(The 2008 Birthday Parties Were Great!)


(The 2010 Birthday Parties have been great too!
Although we may have taken the 'Lord Of The Rings' theme a bit too far ;)



No matter where we go, we know there's ALWAYS a Rubie close by in times of need... Hundreds of ACTIVE members, From the USA, Canada, Europe, etc.. The Moss never Grows under our feet, and The Sun Never Sets On the Rubicon...

Truth: "99.99999% of your time is spent NOT dealing with Disasters". Doesn't it make sense to design your Home/Retreat with "Day-To-Day Living" in mind? If Solar panels can be used to provide Alternate Power during a Disaster, why not save money on your daily power bills by using them now? This eventually frees up much needed money for use in other areas.

Rather than planning to "patrol" for security during a disaster, why not set up a Home Security System to protect your family Before a Disaster strikes? It can also be used in combination with your Alternate Power System during a Disaster, but right now it gives you security and peace of mind!

(Security System, At night, with NO external visible light... accessible with an iPhone from almost anywhere)

Design your life Now to allow you daily savings on your bills, to help you be more secure, etc.. and then during a Disaster you can live much as you do now. Don't live like a hermit, Live your life! Have fun! GET OUT THERE!

Here at Alpha/Rubicon we're about "Living", not just "Surviving" in some type of cave dweller's existence... What does YOUR "Family" do for fun?

(Warlord At The Rubicon River (Above], and The Colosseum [Below], In Italy)

(A Well Rounded Person Has Skill-Sets That Allow Them To Be Comfortable Anywhere They May Find Themselves In The World)


(Pompeii [Naples, Really] with Mt. Vesuvius in the background)

(I think the Pompeii/Vesuvius Eruption was a definite "Bug Out" event!)

(...Or at least they SHOULD have Bugged Out! ;)


(Warlord, 32 feet down, Scuba Diving in St. Thomas, Bahamas. Scuba Diving is a Skill That Can Get You Around Roadblocks And Check-Points)

(Didn't get to meet Roxy though... Bummer)


(Empty Field, or an opportunity to build a Small Town, complete with renewable Running Water, Power, Septic, etc?)



(One of our Docs with the "Baby Back Pack")

(Creative use of Rubbermaid containers while camping :)

(The "Chinese Gift Exchange" is always fun!)

(CountryMouse Showing a Group of the Kids a Nest of Baby Mice Inside a Hollow Tree)


(And we do LIKE to eat!)

(Even Our Children are "Card Carrying Certified" in First Aid and CPR Skills, Via Red Cross Certified Instructors)


(NOTHING beats 100 close Friends and a Campfire...)

(...except a hug from your Daughter)


(The Women LOVE the "Manly Man" Classes)


(On The Way To Help Fellow Rubies Just Hours After Hurricane Isabel Passed Through)

(Another Disaster, Another Clean-Up By Rubies)


(Sure It's Fun! But It's Also A Skill That Can Get You To Your Retreat When The Roads Are Blocked)


(Blizzard and Kosh are as Comfortable Underwater as They are on Land. Rubies Practice and Enjoy MANY Skills, They Do and See Things Most People Only Imagine)


(MountainMedic Likes To Camp In Areas Only Accessable By Aircraft)



(Storm Damage From A Tornado That Literally Came Within Feet Of Warlord's House)

(Doc Blizz And His Monster Chainsaw Cutting Up 50 Year Old Oaks After A Tornado)

(There's NO Substitute For Quality Equipment During And After A Disaster!)


(And Please Pray for the many Rubies [and other Service Members and Contractors], serving their Country Over-Seas)

There's MUCH MUCH more inside...
Are YOU Rubie Material?

Rubies Rock!!!!

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