*Dang Near A Fatal Error*
By: LabLover
26 June 2004

As War often says, know your stuff and how to use it, check your preps...

We just had a very close call, because one of our very important preps wasn't where it belonged. I'm still a little shaky.

8:30 PM DH was just mowing some lawn. He got about two passes done, and felt a sting on his thigh- a bee had crawled up into his shorts. He has had bad reactions before, but not since he moved to the carolinas- guess the venom is a little different here, or its another species-working outside, its not unusual for him to end up with a sting once in awhile.

Well, he's well acclimated now to the local bees, for sure! I heard the front door open and him say in a loud but odd-sounding voice- "Laura-I'm in trouble" His face was already quite swollen, he was massively diaphoretic and pale-his voice was changing from airway swelling already.

I went for the Epi-pen- it wasnt there! He had moved them, changed the bags he kept them in, and he was already having trouble and couldnt remember where it was for sure. By this time he couldnt stand, and was getting stridorous...

I ran for the fridge- I keep a 10 cc bottle of veterinary epi in there, since I give immunizations to the dogs and had bought it a couple of years back when I had goats- grabbed a syringe from my med kit- and hit him, just about in time. Huge hives were appearing as I watched, and his eyes were swelling shut. Followed it up with IM Benadryl 50 mg, 10 mg Decadron and a po Pepcid- then another 50 mg Benadryl po- he's a fairly big guy.

There wouldn't have been time for 911, it took them almost 25 minutes to show up the last true emergency we had (he went into respiratory arrest and ended up intubated a block away from the house , that time).

Right now, he's still a bit itchy, and the rash hasnt completely faded, but he's much, much better, thank God!

CHECK YOUR PREPS! THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A FATAL ERROR! If it hadnt been for that old bottle of Epi, I might be husbandless right now. Needless to say, when he got a bit better, he remembered where he put the Epi Pens- and they will for sure be with him from now on...

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