*Focus Reminder*
By: Resqtech
07 June 2010

With everything that is going on (DOW bouncing around like a kangaroo on crack, Iran, N.K., Oil Spill) don't forget about the daily issues in your own back yard.

Wednesday and Saturday of this past week brought some very uncommon summer weather to my AO (several inches or rain, tornado warnings on Wednesday with a report from Airport that a funnel was spotted along with multiple tornado watches on Saturday into Sunday)

The fire dept where I'm assistant chief responded to multiple people trapped in flooded car calls (we usually don't get those) buildings being flooded calls, trees down, houses hit by lightning and on and on.

As I was snapping this picture on my camera phone Saturday I was reminded of War's article on "Ice and Terror - Handling Mutliple Threats".

Also the importance on layering as much as possible, the whole 2 is 1 and 1 is none also applies to routes of travel. This is a roadway that I would have normally took to get to where I was going when the storm first started (our first person trapped in flooded car call). This is probably 45 minutes after that call, it was no longer raining and it was actually the 2nd flooded out section on the same road. I was able to get through the 1st section to take this picture:

But at the time of the response I had to double back and take an alternate (and longer) route.

I'd bet I'm probably the only person at work today that has a personal flotation device and swiftwater helmet in the back of their car :)

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