*I fell Once*
By: Warlord
31 October 2004

A friend and I were Trout fishing up in the NC mountains MANY years ago.. If you Trout fish with Waders, you know how slippery those rocks can be.

I was kinda out by myself (I thought) and lost in thought (If you fish right, the fish don't bother you at all, leaving you plenty of time for thinking)...

Anyway, I felt my right foot start to slide.. I was on some really rough rocks, before I knew it both feet shot out from under me and I had one of those slow motion experiences where you have plenty of time to think about the sharp rocks behind you that you are about to bash your head and body on...

I'd already gone limp to try to minimize the impact I knew was coming with the Icy water and hard sharp rocks...

Just as I thought, "Here it comes", a pair of arms shot under mine and caught me.

My Friend was walking up behind me to ask me if I wanted to move to another area, he saw me slip, and he caught me... There is NO other feeling like that in the world... the relief, the sudden realization that you are NOT hurt.

There I was expecting a concussion and stitches, no way out of it, and suddenly I was caught and put back on my feet.

I have always wanted the Rubicon to be like that... I have always tried to make the Rubicon the friend that's there to catch you when you make that tiny mistake that sends you falling towards the rocks.

We've caught a LOT of people when they've slipped.. myself included. Maybe we can't always catch you before you fall, but we can be there to pick you up and get you to safety.

We're not a "Website", we're a mindset. We look out for each other.. we're loyal to each other. Together we are MUCH more than the sum of our parts. As long as we can say that, we're on the right track.

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