*A New Family*
Joining the Rubicon Team
By: Streak
14 Aug 2007

Hello everyone! Some of you may know me by now but most probably do not. I have been a member now for almost two weeks. Not very long, huh? In those two weeks I have read a wealth of information. I have posted on the message boards and I have learned many new things. I have been allowed into a group that is unlike anything I have ever run across. I have been a member of clubs and organizations that say they support each other and work together as a team and to a certain extent they do. Recently I have discovered that most people involved in these organizations do not really understand the idea of real teamwork. One thing that I have noticed in the last couple of weeks since I have been here is that no matter the problems any Rubie faces, someone here has experienced the problem and has a solution or advice to the situation in order to help. I have read countless posts and articles on various situations and problems and there is someone, somewhere that has always had an idea or solution. Other organizations simply can not live up to the true meaning of TEAMWORK like the Rubicon members do.

The first couple of days I posted on the message board I introduced myself, and received many welcomes from the Rubies, new and old. I am still on probation but I feel as though it really does not matter because if I post a message I get a reply.

My third day on the boards, a member named JS-Shot introduced himself and offered to be my mentor. I corresponded with him on the site and through e-mails and he has been more than happy to answer questions and meet with me. I found out through talking with him that he lives very near my AO. One thing is for sure in here, if you ask for something you will get it here.

So I began thinking of a subject for my first article. I like to think that I am like most new members, motivated but overwhelmed. I wanted to write on a subject that would be read by others and they would think….”this stuff is really useful.” So off I go searching for a subject, writing down my thoughts and researching different ideas and plans. As I began to read through the Rubicon site and search for different topics I realized there is nothing here I can think of that hasn’t already been written about. I know I know, we are encouraged to write on subjects that have already been written about because it sparks “new discussion” and may give a “fresh” look at something. I totally agree with that but it is an humbling experience to know that there is a network of people in one place that are willing to come together from all parts of life and all over the country to share their skills and knowledge with others just to help! These are the things that families do! If someone in my immediate family came to me for help I would do everything in my power to help.

Here at the Rubicon everyone here seems to treat each other like all members belong to their immediate family. This is a quality that cannot be found anywhere else that I know of. So I thought that I would write my first article about how lucky we all are to be apart of a group that does this. I feel fortunate to be a part of such a helpful group and hope that I can at least contribute in a way that will help others when I can. The knowledge that I have had access to in the Rubicon is far greater than anything that I possess, but maybe one day I will know something that can help another member of the Rubicon Team out of a jam and the time and money will have been well worth it.

I realize that this article is not about a skill, or a test on a product, or how to install something, but I have thought about what my first article should be about and I kept coming back to what the Rubicon really is, a family of team members that are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help out a fellow member and that is worth more than a “how to” article to me. I really want to post some “how to” articles but felt that a post on what the meaning of the Alpha Rubicon is, should come first.

Without the attitude possessed here there would be no Rubicon, it would be just another club. People here care about helping you and don’t seem to care what it takes to do it. This is something that I could never take for granted because you just do not see this anywhere else. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your lives and I hope that someday I can help one of you like you all have helped me.

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