*Slammed From The Scout Meeting*
By: Concolor44
28 March 2006

About 1930 last night I was driving home with Timmy from his Cub Scout meeting. We were stopped at an intersection waiting for the light. When it turned green, I started forward. Next thing I knew, we were hanging, upside down, from our seat belts.

A Corvette had run the red light and wedged up under Timmy's door, flipping the truck. My poor little S10 is toast. The 'vette was hardly scratched. We had been, as it were, a victim of physics.

We crawled out the broken back window (all the glass in the truck was smashed but that was the easiest exit) and I got Timmy calmed down. I actually felt fine at the time. And I gotta give kudos to the LEO's: two cruisers were on the scene less than thirty seconds after the wreck. They had things under control before I even managed to wiggle out.

Neither Timmy nor I had gotten so much as a scratch in the wreck, but when I let the seat belt loose and fell to the roof, my forehead landed on a piece of glass ... and you know how scalp wounds love to bleed. I got it stopped pretty quickly, but I'm told I looked like an extra from 'Night of the Living Dead'.

The EMT's got there maybe a minute after I got out. The lead tech was looking around for the driver of the pickup (me) who, he said, should have been laid out somewhere given the condition of the truck. I walked over, holding Timmy, and introduced myself. He looked me up and down and "suggested" that I come over to the ambulance so he could check me over. I didn't feel bad (adrenaline will mask a lot of pain) but went with him, just to humor him.

Well, while chatting with him in the back of the ambulance, the adrenaline rush subsided, and all my pulled muscles started talking to me. He got me on a backboard and off to the hospital we went. They took about a squillion X-rays and determined that I still had all my bones, and that they were in the correct order, so they finally let me go around 2330.

You will almost always feel "OK" just after an accident, but always wait awhile before assuring anyone (especially yourself) that you're OK... again, adrenaline and excitement will mask a lot of pain/injury.

So I'm home today, recuperating. I thought seriously about going to work, but my dear wife, when I told her, informed me that I wasn't going ANYWHERE today, that the doctor last night had prescribed rest and painkillers and I was, by *GOSH*, going to do exactly that.

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