*Stainless Steel Box*
By: GrayStone
31 May 2003

I got an early start today on doing a furniture inventory at my church. I wanted the place to myself and had it that way.

Finished up around 9:15 AM, got on the elevator to go down one floor... Just about when I thought it made it to the first floor the elevator stopped dead. Control panel lights go out and nothing is happening.

Here I am in this stainless steel box thinking about spending the next 24 hours until Sunday services and somebody finds me. The interior lights are still on and I hit the emergency phone, which gives me an automated reply that it is not working. So I get slightly agitated. I do not like confined spaces. I Tried standing on the handrail to reach the ceiling thinking there is a hatch above to crawl out of like in the movies. That does not work.

Lucky for me somebody arrived at the church to teach a yoga class and heard the alarm bell. Long story short, a call to 911 and the fire dept has me out in one hour. The elevator is new, less than one year old.

1. My cell phone was outside in the truck.

2. All I had on me was a pocked knife, 25 measuring tape, and clipboard.

3. Nobody knew I was there.

I was completely oblivious that anything like this was going to happen. I will never get in an elevator in an unoccupied building again, and I'll always keep the cell phone with me.

How do you get out of a stainless steel box?

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