*Some thoughts & reminders for 2011*
By: CountryLady
01 January 2011

My hopes and prayers are for a safe, peaceful, happy, healthy and prosperous 2011.

I'd like to share some reminders of important things...

There are many doomsday prophets in this world, but I feel that our biggest challenge is within ourselves as we strive to live a worthwhile life of service and gratitude wherever we are, no matter what is happening at each moment.

Between our own decisions, our relationships and chosen paths in life, we can make our lives as happy and rewarding as we make up our minds to be. Not to say there aren't troubles, struggles and difficulties, but LIFE is about HOW we get through those things. Everyone bears their own burdens, and can make of them what they choose.

Each Rubicon member makes the decision to live their life in a prepared way, as they are able. They practice thinking ahead, watching the weather, being extra careful while traveling, having the tools, supplies and mindset that will help prevent difficulties from becoming tragedies.

Part of our mission, as I see it, is teaching others what to do and how to do it in order to make sure no one we care about is uncomfortable, afraid, hungry, cold, injured, or threatened. We can mitigate many potential problems by staying calm, using common sense, researching options, and listening to knowledgeable people when they share. We can share our experiences so others will not make the same mistakes we have made, or explain what we did to avoid danger or difficulty. This is the core of the Rubicon... Facta Non Verba.

As we go through 2011, let's remember to guide young people (who haven't been through the challenges that have shaped our direction in Life) to learn smarter ways to get things done, by our willingness to give a bit of our time and attention to explain who, what, where, when, how and why to apply these lessons within the framework of their lives. To do that without being impatient, put-downs or bragging is a priceless gift to them. Yes, we end up saying the same things over, and OVER AND OVER~! Let's lead by example, and avoid the use of PANIC or FEAR as we try to convince people to be prepared.

PREPAREDNESS is a process... No one is ever "READY" for each and every kind of problem that might happen to them, but we can help others reason out the LIKELY problems they could encounter and show them what they might do, or take along, to make life easier IF problems should arise. We can demonstrate how important Preparedness is to us, by showing them ways to increase their safety, security or comfort in difficult times rather than spending their time and money on frivolous things.

As we embrace 2011, let's be willing to aim higher when it comes to our own well-being... Striving to live healthier, smarter, more creative, and satisfying lives. Rather than trying to stop this and avoid that, let's be more encouraging within and toward ourselves. Let's add good things to our lives, increase healthier food, strive to do and be MORE of the things that are good for us, by adding, using, choosing, incorporating, opting, increasing, including that which benefits us.

The more we focus on what we should avoid, eliminate, stop, cut out, etc... the more quickly we feel deprived and fail to accomplish what we wanted to achieve. ...See the change in focus?

The more we focus on what it takes to be successful, the faster we draw those good things to us, becoming successful almost effortlessly. Thinking positively is a habit that requires continuous activity. ...I'll be working on this technique more myself.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for War, the Rubicon Admin, Staff, and regular members who contribute their time and energy to make a positive impact on the lives of all Rubies. May you be blessed in kind.

I offer a heartfelt "Thank You!" to our military folks for their dedication to our Safety and Freedom. Sincere "Thanks!" goes also to our 'Rubie Friends' who we many never know.

In 2011, may we all... Stay Safe, have a wonderful year, and share the Preparedness message wherever we go.

Hugs all around...

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