*The Lister Buggy*
Portable Power Plant
By: Jaden
02 August 2008

Sierra37 and I just finished building The Lister Buggy.
It is powered by a 6.5HP Lister-Petter AC1 diesel motor specíd out to use 1.6 pints of fuel per hour.
26kW of batteries at 24 volts DC
1680 watt 24 volts DC alternator
220VAC 6kW 3 phase inverter

It started off as an old military jet engine pre-heater which was smashed all to crap and then sold as surplus. Gotta love the resourcefulness of the government.

The old heater and needless stuff was stripped off and junked. It was taken down to the bare trailer and then cleaned up and painted.


From there construction began. There are 6 huge batteries (4 volts each) mounted on the deck.

Welding up battery frames
BIG batteries
Batteries in
Inverter and AC outlets

We also have 2/3rds of a solar system here. Any 24-volt DC charging source can easily be connected to the batteries. The motor will not have to run continuously to create power. Itíll only run to recharge batteries if no other charging source is available.

The contraption works and will be given a good test at the International Campout this year.

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