*Old Dry Cell Batteries*
Good or Bad?
By: Jaden
22 March 2007

The "C" cell batteries I bought several years ago are starting to fail. They were expired when I bought them, but at $2.99 for 12 packs how can you go wrong? Some were dated to expire in 2001 and others in 2002. Here’s a couple of articles I did over the years about them. http://www.alpharubicon.com/altenergy/batdatejaden.htm

I’ve been keeping an eye on them to see what they did. Just a week or so ago I looked at them again. Some are good and some are bad. About ˝ of the 2002 ones were leaking acid. Most of the 2001 ones I had left were still good. Still holding good voltage. The others are in pretty bad shape.


Here are some stamped for 2002 that are bad. I wound up throwing away about 1 box total.

So near as I can tell *some* batteries will last and work at least 6 years after the expiration date. Luck of the draw I guess. The brand name on these is "Fuji".

Keep an eye on them, if they start leaking throw them away. Odds are if they’re not leaking they’ll work long after the expiration.

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