*FAL Receiver stub removal*
By: serger
27 April 2003

I just recently bought some more FAL rifle kits and was preparing them for later assembly. One of the things to be done is to remove the receiver stub from the barrel group, many people have bought receiver wrenches to do this job but in the best tradition WECSOG (the Wile E. Coyote School Of Gunsmithing) Iíll show you the serger method of stub removal . The WECSOG term is in generic usage for unconventional home Gunsmithing as originally applied to FAL rifle kit assembly.

First you will have to tear down the barrel group of the upper receiver. A detailed description of tearing down a complete upper of an unmolested FAL can be found here

This consists of:

1. Removing the gas plug, gas piston and spring.

2. Unscrewing and removing the hand guard assemblies.

3. Sliding the hand guard retainer up the barrel to get it out of the work area.

4. Unscrewing the gas tube nut and removing the carry handle from the stub.

When you have this done the clean stub area should look like this.


Next you take your Dremel tool or a hacksaw and make a cut in the receiver stub down to the threads of the barrel. Be sure you wear the safety glasses because Iím not responsible for your stupidity.Donít worry if you nick the threads slightly, it will not hurt any thing. Just make sure you donít cut them any more than you have too.

The cut you made should look like this.

The next thing is to take a chisel and hammer and placing the chisel in the slot on the left side of the stub you whack the chisel until the stub cracks. It should look like this.

Then you can spin off the barrel from the stub. Viola! (Sorry for the French, it just slipped out).

Then you have a clean barrel to save for later.

The only bad thing about this whole process was a fine Battle Rifle was murdered to give you the parts to do this with.

Thanks for the read.

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