* Hi Power Detailed Slide Stripping *
By serger

Before you can detail strip the Hi Power Pistol slide you must field strip the weapon first. Go here for instructions on Field Stripping.

Once you have the slide and the barrel assembly removed there are only between 7 or eight parts to remove to tear down the slide. The pistol we are working on is an Argentine Pistol and has the later type slide. This configuration uses roll pins to hold the extractor and disconnector in. The early versions of this pistol had the extractor retained by the firing pin retainer in the same setup as the Model 1911 pistol.

To remove the firing pin you have to slide the firing pin retainer down in itís slot in the slide.

To do this you take the magazine release and using the pin, depress the firing pin and slide the retainer out.

The Picture shows the firing pin and spring out of the slide with the firing pin retainer still connected to the magazine release.

The disconnector must be removed to remove the extractor so this is the next best place to start. You can remove a roll pin with a flat punch but you canít replace a roll pin with a flat punch without damaging the pin so be advised.

The picture above is one of the bottom of the slide. Itís hard to see but in the upper cut out the disconnector can barely be seen. To remove it you lay the slide on itís side and take a punch and tap the roll pin until it clears the disconnector. I do this from the ejection port side(right side) of the slide. That way the pin stays in the frame if I want it to and itís easier to re assemble.

Once the disconnector is removed, you then place the slide on itís bottom and drive the ejector retainer pin out until it clear the ejector. Once thatís done the slide is detail stripped. In the picture below I left the retainer pins in the slide so you could see their orientation.

And thatís all there is to detail stripping a Hi Power slide.

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