*So, You Want To Join the Rubicon?*
(read this first)
By: GreyLocke
11 November 2005

Every month the Rubicon gets many requests for membership. After a disaster, we get hundreds if not thousands of requests. Well, we are here for many things. One is to put out true information that we "KNOW" is correct. Not some half-baked theory that "might" work. We publish it on this web-site because we know it works. And how do we know it works? Weíve "DONE" it. Our Motto is "FACTA NON VERBA" Deeds Not Words. It means every article you read on this web-site, was written by the person who actually did everything in the article. If the article says we built a safe room with a HEPA filter, we have the pictures to go with it, to SHOW we have done it.

Another thing we are here for, is for the members of the Rubicon, (the Authors of all these articles you are reading) to communicate. We have a message board where we discuss our projects, problems we may be having with something. An Example, The HEPA Filter FAIC, (Fan In A Can). This has been an ongoing project on the Rubicon, and it was worked out and perfected to its current degree, and then published to the public side of the web-site for ANYONE to use. We are not charging anyone for this information. We are giving it away Gratis, Free, No-Charge, just respect our copyright is all we ask. Why do we do this? Because, everyone needs to know this information. We are not in this for fame or glory; we are doing this because we are committed to the idea of protecting our families. We donít have any Rambos, or Super-Soldiers here. We are Doctors, Engineers, Law Enforcement Officers, Paramedics, EMTís, Mechanics, Lawyers, Farmers, Firemen, Gunsmithís, Machinistís, Real Estate Agents, Pilotís, Truck Driverís, Construction Workers, Students, Nurses, Teachers, we run through all occupations, and we are all dedicated to protecting our families. Be it a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack.

This is who we are. Do you still want to join?

Let me tell you a few other things first before you decide.

If you become a member of the Rubicon, YOU will be one of the people writing articles for 1000ís of people to see. You will be seeing all the on-going projects we have, and you will be expected to contribute. Youíre probably thinking thatís what the Dues are for. Well, thatís where you are wrong.

Every month members pay their dues to pay for the bandwidth this site uses and for the upkeep of our servers. We OWN our servers, They are ours. We donít rent server space from anyone; we have multiple servers to keep this site going. We get literally millions of hits on our servers and that translates to a lot of bandwidth we have to pay for. Thatís our Dues. What we contribute, is articleís, and to our message boards, where we talk about our projects which are going to become articles, and we exchange information.

Many people have thought theyíd just get a Login and Password, then "leech" the files from the other side, and never bother to contribute in anyway to what the Rubicon is. Those people are quickly kicked off (Not to mention that they don't have access to Rubicon-side articles during their probationary period). And they are NEVER, EVER allowed back in, for ANY REASON.

You only get ONE chance to be a contributing member, thatís it. No second chances. Many people have thought different, and before, during, or after a disaster they tried to re-join after being kicked out, using a different name, e-mail address or ISP. Suddenly they realize they screwed up, and NOW they NEED the information, or they need the help the Rubicon has to offer... It doesnít matter, once you are gone you are GONE.

Now if I havenít scared you away by now, youíre thinking yeah, yeah so what. There is one other thing you have to understand about the Rubicon.

We are a family. Once you become an active, contributing participant member of the Rubicon, you are family. We will tease you, abuse you, make jokes about, to, and with you. And we expect you to do the same to us. You will know when a memberís child is born, when a family member dies, how their new job is, if their kids made the honor roll at school.

This is what many people fail to understand. They think only of the information we currently have, not of the extended family they will become a part of. Theyíre only interested in the moment, whereas the Rubicon is concerned with the future.

So if you have read all this, and think you can be a contributing member of our family, Iíll direct you to Warís little brief.


If you have already read Warlordís brief and know what to send in your request e-mail, here ya goÖ.


But if you are not sure, or if you have no intention of being an active member of the Rubicon, please do us all a favor, and save us a lot of time, and donít request to join. If you are not serious about what we stand for, please donít hamper us.

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